Sunday, January 25, 2009

Smothered by Elmo

On Saturday, the kids and I headed over to ASU for Channel 8's (KAET) birthday party (our PBS carrier in Arizona). When I was going to ASU, a lot of my classes were in the building where the studios are, so it was kind of fun for me to go back.

Grover and Elmo were there. Robbie was a little nervous of them at first, but Erin was a good sport and took him over to see them so I could take a picture. Big furry characters aren't her bag anymore. I only got one picture, so here here is Erin being tolerant, Robbie getting a big hug from (being smothered by?) Elmo, and some kid we don't know. I personally don't like Elmo one bit, but Grover is cool!

They had little masks the kids could cut out and affix a nice PBS pencil to. And they had one of the talk show sets open so we could check it out. I was surprised that they had several TV cameras set up and they were showing the kids how to work them! That was pretty cool. Here's Erin filming.

And here are the kids at the news desk. They had a closed-circuit TV set up so they could see themselves on set.

We had a piece of cake after that and went on our way!

Then we walked around campus a little bit just for the heck of it. Erin really liked the student union. After she saw the Cold Stone, Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, and I told her about the game room downstairs, she told me she definitely wants to go to college at ASU! (Little does she know she won't be able to afford to actually buy anything in there when she's in college! ha ha)

Here are the kids atop Hayden Library.

After ASU, we went to my parents' house for a visit. My oldest brother Keith and his family were there, so we had a nice time visiting with them. Erin and her cousin Amanda latched onto each other and talked pretty much all day long! Robbie really warmed up to his cousin Sarah, and she entertained him the whole time. He was kind of sad when we had to leave.

Here are Keith's kids and my kids... Michael, Sarah with Robbie by the pool, and Erin and Amanda going really high on the porch swing.

And I liked this picture of Sarah and Robbie blowing bubbles in the pool through one of those hollow foam noodles.

Poor Rob was umpiring all day. We were all tired and ready for bed Saturday night!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go Cardinals!