Friday, January 6, 2012

The Rest of 2011

So, we've been busy with everyday life. Nothing very exciting to blog about, but I'll at least post the last few pictures from 2011.

We rarely get photos with the whole family, so here's one from November - just hanging out at home.

Christmas was a lot of fun, as usual! With Christmas falling on a Sunday, we weren't sure how we wanted to plan everything around church. Church was only an hour that day, but it was a little tricky since it started at 11:00. We didn't want the kids to open everything beforehand and then have the fun part of Christmas be pretty much over when we came home from church.

We're lucky that the kids don't wake up in the pre-dawn hours and come get us on Christmas. Rob and I got up and got dressed/ready first and then the kids got up and came out to check everything out. There were way more presents under the tree than when they went to bed, and they had to see Santa's leftovers from his cinnamon rolls & milk:

The poor kids got to open one present each in the morning, and those presents were church clothes. Bummer. But they were actually pretty happy with their clothes and excited to get dressed! They knew they'd open everything else after church and they were OK with that. They do look pretty cute...

Also behind the kids, you can see the giant box of Nerds & huge roll of SweeTarts that Santa brought!

After church, we changed into comfy clothes and got to talk to Papa Bob and Nana Sandy in Illinois for a little bit. My parents came over right after that, and we opened presents.

The biggest deal for the kids this year was the Wii. We might be the last people on the plantet to have one, so they were pretty excited!

Rob and I cooked our first Turkey that day, and it was pretty good! No major disasters. Mom and Dad stayed for dinner and visited for a while. After they left, we cleaned up the present aftermath and played with everything late into the night. It was a good day!

The next day, Rob's family all came over for snacks/appetizers and we exchanged a few gifts and visited for a while. It was a nice, relaxing weekend.

We didn't do anything for New Year's Eve, although that day we all went to the driving range. The weather was awesome and it was nice to be out there.

You won't see me or the kids playing golf on TV anytime soon, that's for sure!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

ASU Homecoming

In October, we went to the ASU homecoming parade. While we were waiting for the parade, Rob walked down to the box office to price some tickets... he came back with four tickets, so we went to the game, too!

There's always lots of stuff to see and do during homecoming. It felt a little crowded to us this year, so we didn't really stop to see the booths.

The parade was nice. The kids were happy to see a few Angry Birds-themed floats. And Frank Kush handed Robbie a little football. He was the grand marshall of the parade, so he was riding in a car with Sparky. Reached down and handed a football right to Robbie!

After the parade, we found a pizza joint and had lunch. It was all maroon & gold and sun devilly in there, so we had one of the workers take our picture.

The game was fun, too. Especially since this was one of the games we actually won this year! Here we are with the new pitchfork logo on the field.

We love our Sun Devils, even the seasons they stink!