Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Robbie's 4th Birthday

Robbie turned 4 on Saturday!

We blew up some balloons...

Covered a good portion of the floor with bubble wrap (the checkerboard pattern are squares of bubble wrap)...
...and had a few friends over to pop balloons, stomp on bubble wrap, eat cake, and play games.
The friends brought presents, which are always lots of fun.
We found out that Robbie is really good at making stuff with Legos! He got the little instruction manual out & followed it until he made the picture on the box. He needed zero help from Mom.

That Robbie, he's a smart kid. We love him so much, and we're glad he had a fun birthday! A little about Robbie:
- He is very kind. He pays attention to how other people feel, and tries to make sure nobody feels bad.
- He loves to figure things out. Always wants to know how things work and what they do. He absolutely loves the show "How It's Made" and will pay close attention when it's on. He's been drawing a lot of factories lately.
- He has always loved animals and treated them well. Some of this he learned from his sister, but I think he's also just naturally drawn to them.
- He has a lot of faith. Often times if something is wrong or if someone is hurt, he will light up and say, "I know! We can ask Heavenly Father to help!" And then after the problem is resolved, he'll remember where the help came from.
- He is terribly funny! And he knows when to tease or turn on the charm.
- He adores his big sister. That probably comes easily because she's super nice to him. As parents, Rob and I love to see how he looks up to her.
We love you, Robbie!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We went camping at Knoll Lake a couple of weeks ago. It was nice as usual! It never rained, never got too hot, and wasn't super-cold at night. Not much to talk about, so I'll just post pictures.

Kids on a log:

Wildlife... lady bugs:

A caterpillar... Robbie let it crawl on his tummy & all over the place for about a half hour before I finally had him put it in a tree. He laughed his head off when it would crawl around his neck! He was very gentle with it.
We even brougt swimsuits and got in the lake this time! It was COLD. We couldn't stay in very long, but when we go back in few weeks, it should be better. I'm noticing how nasty and green the water looks in the pictures, but it really wasn't disgusting, I promise.

See? That's not gross.

We got a good campsite. Near the bathrooms, but not TOO near, if you get my drift. (and drift is exactly what I'm talking about - no thanks!) The kids' tent is behind the screen room, and you can see part of our tent off to the right. We love our new tent - I have to take a picture from the inside next time because that thing's huge!

OK, so that's a terrible picture, with the shadows & everything. I didn't take too many this time. We had a great time! Nobody was sick with the Plague of the Public Pool like last year, and it was just the getaway we needed.
We're planning another trip in July, so stay tuned.