Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas 2009

Now that we're a week into January, let's talk about Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, we had dinner at Macayo's (mmmmmm) and came home to get the kids bathed & in their pajamas. Then we drove around looking at Christmas lights like we do every year. We had to head home when the radio started reporting that Santa was getting closer to the west coast. We had some late-night cinnamon rolls and left a few out for Santa.

Lo and behold, Santa came!

Good morning!

Every time Robbie opened a present, he said, "I don't know what this might be!"

Happy kids

THEN, during breakfast, someone knocked on our front door. We heard bells and "Ho ho ho"... and it was Santa! He said he forgot a couple of presents & wanted to bring them by. Erin knew it was our friend Rick from church, but she loved it & played along. He told Rob and I that he wanted to stop by on Christmas morning, but we didn't know he'd be STOPPING BY Santa Claus style! Robbie absolutely refused to look at him. But what a fun surprise! It was so cool that he did that.

We missed my parents coming over this year, but we were happy my sister got a turn to have them at her house! And since my brother Chris's son was getting baptized on the 27th, we got to see everyone for a little bit then.

After breakfast, we went to Rob's sister Brigette's house for Round 2 of Christmas! It was nice to see everyone there, and they had Christmas dinner over there. I worked on Christmas night, so Brigette and Sandy made sure I had a plate of food to bring along.

We had such a nice time. And now all the Christmas stuff is down & put away and we're moving on into January. My mom always said January is kind of a letdown after all the fun of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Kind of like a giant Monday.

Happy New Year! ha ha