Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Suns Game

We got to go to the Suns/Bobcats game last night! For no apparent reason, our credit union mailed us two tickets a couple of weeks ago. We found two more tickets really cheap so the kids could go with us.

The credit union gave us lower-level seats right by the Suns tunnel, and the pair we bought were upper-deck. Erin hasn't been to a Suns game since she was a baby, so she didn't remember ever going, and this was Robbie's first time. They LOVED it!

The dancers were hanging out in the lobby taking pictures with people. Erin was happy to get a picture with them, but Robbie was too shy. (he'll kick himself when he's about 15!)

These were great seats! The Suns bench was just off the left side of this picture. Rob and Erin sat in the lower level and Robbie and I took the other seats.

The good thing about the upper deck is that you have a little wiggle room up there when the game isn't sold out. Robbie was SO excited! He's usually sort of embarrassed to cheer or clap along at stuff like this, but he was really into it. He liked yelling "DEFENSE!" and he always got excited when he saw Steve Nash. This was one happy boy!

Rob and I were going to trade kids at the 4th quarter, but the usher just let us go in and sit in the empty seats by Rob and Erin! So we got to enjoy the loss from the good seats. When the game ended, Rob brought the kids down by the floor for some high-fives. Erin was ecstatic that she got a high-five from one of the players! Robbie couldn't quite reach, but it didn't bother him. It was one of the bench players that high-fived Erin, but in the blur of people, we couldn't actually tell who it was. Erin squealed when she told me about it, and she was impressed that "His hands were huge!" It was pretty cool. Here are some of the players heading through the tunnel.

We had a great time! It was fun to see the kids getting into it. I think the Suns were only ahead once during the game, but it was nice just to be there.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fat Man Revisited

On Saturday, the kids and I went back to South Mountain to finish our hike to Fat Man's Pass. The weather was perfect! This was the hike that we failed to complete back in May because it was just too hot.

We hiked up from the bottom again. I mapped it after we got home, and it was about 4 miles round-trip. Not too gueling, but enough to work up a little sweat.

There are great views of the city the whole way up (although Robbie was disappointed that I forgot the binoculars). Once you get to the top, the trail winds back into an area called "Hidden Valley" and there are no traces of the city at all.

This is on top of Fat Man's Pass - really cool giant boulders.

...and this is why it's called Fat Man's Pass. There's a foot-wide opening where you can squeeze between the two boulders and continue on the trail.

After squeezing though, we got to explore under the boulders. It was a great place to cool off, with the breeze, the shade, and the nice cool rocks.

Checking out the boulders on the other side.

Looking down at the kids inside the pass:

We climbed up on top of the rocks and decided to hang out for a while before hiking back down. It would've been a great place for a picnic, but I didn't plan for one. We met this little guy up there! Isn't he cute? We also met several of his friends.

The chipmunks weren't too scared of people; I'm sure they've had plenty of snacks from hikers. We didn't have anything to offer, but he still approached us. He sniffed my hand and scurried away, so Erin patiently put her hand out the same way... and he took a little nibble of her thumb! She thought it was hilarious.
Of course, Robbie needed to do it, too. And our little friend happily obliged and nibbled his finger. It surprised him, so he sort of jumped & said "ouch!" and immediately started laughing his head off. He was thrilled!
Mother of the Year for exposing the kids to rabies or whatever ailments chipmunks may carry! But these kids love animals, so this made their day. I have to say I was pretty happy about it, too - I have a little thing for squirrels & chipmunks.
Then we headed back down the mountain.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas seems so long ago! Probably because it was.

Most of our shopping was done early and we were able to relax and enjoy the Christmas season this year!

My parents came over on Christmas morning. We stayed up pretty late Christmas Eve, so we had to wake the kids up. They certainly didn't have any problems getting out of bed! Here are a few pictures.

This one looks staged, but it totally wasn't! The kids checking out all the presents that weren't there when they went to bed.

Robbie with a new car carrier
Erin's big present was a Nintendo DSi XL - she really didn't think she'd get one! Santa Claus is full of surprises.
Robbie opening his big crane from Grandma & Grandpa - a week or so before Christmas (after all the shopping was done) he decided he REALLY wanted a "big crane". He absolutely loves it! Almost everything in the house has been hooked to the crane and lifted or towed somewhere.
Another one of Erin's favorites was her ASU hoodie. This has become her jacket, and she wears it as much as possible.
After stockings, we had breakfast and got ready for the day. We cleaned up the aftermath, and then we went over to Rob's sister Brigette's house for Round 2. It was a full day!
Erin also got a new dress, and Robbie got some new ties. He loves his new orange tie - he just didn't love having his picture taken the next morning before church. Can't say that I blame him.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!