Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fourth Grade & Kindergarten

School started on Tuesday!

This one was very excited to start kindergarten!

This one feels like a pretty big kid because she's halfway through elementary school!

Robbie wasn't sad in this picture - he was head-over-heels elated all day, but the sun was too bright for him. It's the only close-up picture I got, though.

Robbie and I hung out til the bell rang, and then he ran to get in line. They went straight to their "Monday morning assembly" (which was held on Tuesday this week) for the pledge and the national anthem. Since Robbie was first in line, he got to hold Mrs. Jones's hand. She is such a good teacher! She was Erin's kindergarten teacher and we like her so much we requested her for Robbie.

After the assembly, they got in line again outside their classroom...

...And went to class!

I only got a little choked up and was able to hold myself together! Both kids had a good day at school, and that night Robbie told us, "I can't wait for school tomorrow!"