Thursday, September 20, 2012

Some Other Stuff We Did This Summer...

Checked out a cornfield – not quite as tall as Illinois corn, but much taller than the kids thought it was from the car!  From the car, they think it's only a couple of feet tall.

I already posted about camping, but I liked this picture of the kids in the truck on the way there.

Got $1 subs at Jimmy John’s for customer appreciation day.  Erin’s mood improved after we removed all the lettuce pollution from her sub.

The kids swam several times at Grandma & Grandpa’s house this summer.  Erin finally got comfortable diving head-first, and Robbie finally got comfortable swimming on his own.  I wanted to post videos of both, but the upload isn't cooperating and I've put off blogging long enough!

Dressed up for Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-Fil-A.  Well worth the free meal every year!  Chik-Fil-A is awesome for several reasons.

Went to Big Surf to celebrate both kids’ birthdays.  Instead of parties, each kid got to pick one friend and we all spent the afternoon at Big Surf.  No photos because we were all too busy playing.

Had both our catalytic converters and O2 sensors cut off our car while we were at church.  For real.  Sawed off in the parking lot.  Since our church was burned down, we’re attending in another building while we rebuild.  The other building happens to be in Maryvale.  For those of you not familiar with Phoenix... Maryvale = No Bueno.  We had the car fixed the next day (after a hefty insurance deductible) so all’s well that ends well.  We’re driving Rob’s truck to church now because it only has one catalytic converter.  Maybe that will make it less appealing than the Sequoia.

Went back to school.  Yes, Erin wanted to wear dark clothes and boots despite the fact that it was in the neighborhood of 115 degrees all week.  Yes, they were both happy even though the photo doesn’t convey it.

The kids are enjoying 5th and 1st grade, and they're both doing great!  We're back into the full swing of school and work and homework and life.