Thursday, October 31, 2013


I didn’t make the kids’ Halloween costumes this year. Robbie has been wanting to be a Jedi, especially since we went to Disneyland. Erin decided to be a 50’s girl.


 I did buy some fake hair from the dollar store and braided it for Robbie’s Jedi costume. I resisted giving him a haircut the weeks before Halloween because I needed his hair to be long enough to attach the braid to with a rubber band.

 Since Erin wears prescription glasses, we didn’t get her any cat-eye 50’s style glasses. But I used some mailing labels to draw a cat-eye fa├žade that I stuck to her prescription frames. It actually stayed on all night and didn’t gum up her glasses. Win!

Every Halloween, Rob wants to make a temporary enclosure around our front walkway, and this year we finally did it. He brought home some cardboard from work and we painted it all black. One Saturday, we all went out in the garage with neon paint and went to town painting it up. Rob set it all up on Halloween with the black lights, and it was pretty cool.