Saturday, July 27, 2013

Erin's Birthday

For the kids’ birthdays, we let them each invite a friend to Big Surf like last year. Robbie invited our next-door neighbor Ziondric and Erin invited her best friend Rachel. This was only a couple of days after she broke her toe. She wore water shoes, which kept her splint in place. Aside from banging it a couple of times in the wave pool or on the slides, she did fine.

Since I’m in the Young Women’s organization at church, I went to girls’ camp this year. It was a three-day camp, and the last day was Erin’s birthday. On the way home, Rob called to say some friends had invited us to an AZ Rattlers game that night and did I want to go?  I got cleaned up and off we went! I had never been to an arena football game, but it was pretty fun. The kids really liked it.

Since I wasn’t able to make a cake, we picked up a cinnamon cake on our way home and we had it after church the next day. Erin is growing up fast!

Cow Appreciation Day

We went to Chik-Fil-A’s annual Cow Appreciation Day again. Always worth it because everyone who dresses up gets a free meal!  And it’s kinda fun.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Erin's Toe

Erin had an interesting month of July. One day when Rob and I were at work, she broke her toe! She’s a pretty level-headed kid, so when she called in tears we knew something was wrong. She had been chasing Robbie when he stopped abruptly and her foot smashed into his heel. She said her toe was bent sideways across the other toes and she had to grab it and move it back into place… she relocated her own toe!  Ugh. So Rob left work and took her to urgent care.

This was in the waiting room:

After an X-Ray, a splint, and a walking boot, she was good to go. She’s one tough kid! She only needed Tylenol a couple of times, and she got around on it pretty well.