Monday, November 17, 2014

Disney Cruise 2014 – The Ship

Our first cruise was on the Disney Wonder, and this time we went on the Disney Fantasy. The Fantasy is bigger than the Wonder, and we could tell the difference in the crowds. Both ships are really nice, but we prefer the smaller one. They have a lot of the same features, and similar restaurants.


We didn’t take very many pictures in our room, but it was very similar to the room on our last cruise. Here are the kids after their beds were all made up on the first night.

Another shot of the room and the towel snake the housekeeping crew left us. We didn’t take pictures of all the towel animals but it was a different one each night.

We had a veranda, which was nice for watching the sun rise.

One of the things the kids liked most was the AquaDuck waterslide. They rode is at much as they could. You can see them on the raft in the clear tube just above the yellow slide.

The kids’ clubs were great. Erin was old enough to go into the “tween” age club, and she could still go into the younger club with Robbie if she wanted to. We were worried about Robbie being on his own since he’s so shy, but he did fine.

There are a few different entertainment venues/night clubs. We spent a lot of time in The Tube, which had a cool 1960’s London theme.

There are neat things in unexpected places, around corners and in hallways.

 The entertainment crew was very friendly and would joke around with everyone between shows. This guy Brett always had the craziest socks.

Erin was especially fond of Carlos the bartender, although she never spoke to him or interacted with him in any way. Hmm….

This was one of the theaters:

Big Hero 6 was released that week, so it was fun to watch that in the theater. The shows and plays were all top-notch, too.

We were paired up with a family of four from Springfield, IL for dinner, and we got along pretty well. You have dinner with the same group every night, but you rotate to different restaurants and your waitstaff rotates with you. So the servers quickly learned what everyone likes to drink, etc. and they were really nice.

The adults of Table 31 (the kids were always quick to take off after dinner to start partying)

 Our servers had a trainee shadowing them, so we go to have three. They kept saying she was “earning her ears”, so on the last day, Rob gave her a set of ears and we made a big deal about her graduating from her training.

One of them made Robbie a Peter Pan hat out of a napkin on our first night.

One night of every Disney cruise is Pirate Night, complete with pirate-style food and a big deck party with fireworks. Ready for Pirate Night, complete with eyeliner tattoos:


Robbie had a sweet beard and drawn-on earring.