Monday, November 17, 2014

Disney Cruise - Jamaica

Jamaica was our most adventurous port day. We took a shuttle to a place called Misty Mountain Resort where we rode a sky ride (ski lift-type) up to the top of a mountain. The line to get on the sky ride was in a cool jungle-y area with lots of mist and crazy-looking spider webs.

When we were waiting in line, we noticed the workers were chatting up all the tourists & we loved their accents. They were asking the group ahead of us what type of music they like, and one of them them said Justin Bieber. When we were getting on, one of them said to Robbie, “And what about you, little man, you like Justin Bieber?” Robbie said no, so they asked who he likes and he said Bob Marley. They all went nuts, cheering and giving him high-fives!

This is a view from the sky ride:

Then we rode bobsleds halfway down the mountain on a gravity-fed track. We each rode in separate cars – not sure why I didn’t get a picture of Robbie in his.


Here’s a view from the track. It was very fast and very fun; too scary to take pictures during the turns!

At the bottom of the bobsled track, we had a Jamaican jerk chicken lunch, and got all suited up to ride ziplines the rest of the way down. The lunch lady style hair nets were super-attractive.

We rode down a series of four ziplines. One of them was a vertical drop, which was a little scary, but short enough that it wasn’t terrifying.

In the second video, you can see Rob going over part of the bobsled track.